Jachthaven Boei 12 aan het Schildmeer in Groningen

Jachthaven Boei 12 has been located on the south shore of Schildmeer Lake since 1970.

Beheer Schildmeer BV has managed Jachthaven Boei 12 since 2016 and a thorough renovation was started in 2017. All the jetties were recovered in non-slip PVC grating instead of the traditional jetty timber.



New power boxes, taps and LED jetty lights were also installed.

This has made the marina so much more attractive and now we’re ready to welcome you again.


Jachthaven Boei 12
Roegeweg 1
9629PA Steendam

Tel: +31 (0)598-431567
E-mail: info@jachthavenboei12.nl