Schildmeer Lake

Schildmeer Lake is a lake in the Duurswold region in the Dutch province of Groningen between Schildwolde and Overschild. The Afwateringskanaal (drainage canal) of Duurswold flows through the lake. From the lake you can also access the small De Groeve canal.

Schildmeer Lake has an average depth of 1.5 metres and a surface area of 284 hectares. It is located in Midden-Groningen Municipality. The majority of the lake’s shores are nature reserves. Near Steendam there are recreational facilities such as marinas and their activities, a sand beach, bars & restaurants, campgrounds and a holiday home park. To the south of the lake you’ll find the Haanssluis lock which connects the Haansvaart canal and the lake for smaller ships and flatboats. The south, west and northwest are part of nature development area Midden-Groningen, which continues on to Kolham.

A beautiful 14 kilometre long bicycle and walking path surrounds the lake. Schildmeer Lake is also part of the magnificent nature reserve Roegwold-Schildmeer, which is certainly worth a visit.