The harbour

Jachthaven Boei 12 has been located on the south shore of Schildmeer Lake since 1970.

Beheer Schildmeer BV has managed Jachthaven Boei 12 since 2016 and a thorough renovation was started in 2017. All the jetties were recovered in non-slip PVC grating instead of the traditional jetty timber.

New power boxes, taps and LED jetty lights were also installed.

This has made the marina so much more attractive and now we’re ready to welcome you again.

Our toilet and shower facilities for both men and women are located at Zeilvereniging Schildmeer (Schildmeer Lake Sailing Club). Showers cost €0.50

Washing machines and tumble dryers are available in the Surfcenter/Villapark Schildmeer (Schildmeer Lake Surfing centre/Villa park) building.

Jachthaven Boei 12 has 5 large floating jetties off the main jetty, 3 of which have finger jetties on both sides (A, B and C), 1 jetty has finger jetties on 1 side (D) and 1 jetty only has pole boxes (E).

There are also onshore docks in various sizes for boats on trailers, such as e.g. Optimist Splash and Laser.

Jachthaven Boei 12 has season mooring spots as well as monthly, weekly and day mooring for passersby. The season is from 1 April to 31 October.

Jachthaven Boei 12 does not offer onshore docking during the winter but we do have winter mooring. However water and power are disconnected during winter.

We have a crane. The crane can hoist up to 6 tonnes. Hoisting 2x is included for our guests, others pay €50 for hoisting